About Women on the Move

Women on the Move Network, established in 2003, is a network of enthusiastic and enterprising women who are progressive in outlook, diverse in membership, supportive of each other and a catalyst for increasing female entrepreneurship in Northern Ireland.

In 2009 Women on the Move Network was Highly Commended as a finalist in the prestigious Enterprising Britain Awards sponsored by Invest NI. Women on the Move were recognised and congratulated for their contribution to female entrepreneurship in Northern Ireland at the ceremony in Stormont Parliament Buildings.

I joined Women on the Move shortly after setting up in business. I was delighted to find a friendly and down to earth group of business women who would freely share advice and their experience with others. Now, I am happy to be one of those who can introduce others to the network and encourage new members who are starting out in business for the first time. Over the years Women on the Move has retained its character as an approachable and inclusive network, adding value by scheduling quality speakers, and keeping the network together in between meetings with a locally focused, informative online presence. It is a great network in which a new entrepreneur can plant their roots and begin to develop entrepreneurial wings.

Women on the Move Network Member
Dawn Baird, Sensei Learning and Performance

Women on the Move Network provides valuable support to help and encourage women to start and grow their business. Network events are informative, encouraging and above all welcoming. Having a network partner like Women on the Move will make your enterprise journey very fulfilling and rewarding.

Women on the Move Stakeholder
Melanie Christie Boyle, Chief Executive, Ballymena Business Centre